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Invest in Our Future

Transforming Lives and Communities through Education

What if every child in our community who qualifies for college could afford to attend? Research demonstrates when communities support graduates, communities benefit in the long-term with increased economic growth and opportunity. As we look to the future of Jacksonville, how can we empower our graduates and our community?


Our mission is to provide the financial support necessary for all graduates to thrive. Modelled after the successful Kalamazoo PROMISE, we expect similar long term benefits including  increased academic performance in primary grades, college enrollment and college retention as well as decreased truancy and juvenile crime.


By donating to the Jacksonville Promise, you are investing in the foundation of an economic engine for your community and giving hundreds of students the opportunity to reach their potential.  Please help us grow this program into a full place-based scholarship program today!


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The Jacksonville Promise is fully supported by donors like  you, who are committed to the economic growth of the Jacksonville area and student development.

The Jacksonville Promise is continuously accepting applications for the upcoming school year.  Depending on fundraising efforts, this year's recipients are projected to receive up to $9000 for up to 6 semesters in last-dollar scholarship money.  

Any student that attended school in the geographic boundaries of Jacksonville, Franklin, Meredosia-Chambersburg, Triopia, and Waverly school districts are eligible for this place-based scholarship.  Public, private and home-schooled students are eligible.  Students must plan to attend Illinois College or Lincoln Land Community College in Jacksonville. 



The MacMurray Foundation and Alumni Association, the foundation established to maintain the history and legacy of MacMurray College, as well as to provide a vehicle for alumni to connect, and to fund scholarships for higher education, has provided funding for a $1000 additional scholarship for a Jacksonville Promise award recipient.  The Foundation has additional criteria for the scholarship, including requiring a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and submission of a short essay. The application deadline for the MacMurray Foundation is March 15, and the MacMurray Foundation scholarship will not be awarded until after that date.  If you are interested in applying for this additional scholarship, check out the application criteria and application forms at

For more information or to access the application, please visit

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2016 Jacksonville Promise Scholarship Recipients

Jacksonville Illinois Promise Scholarship Program 2017 Recipients

2017 Jacksonville Promise Scholarship Recipients

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2018 Jacksonville Promise Scholarship Recipients

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2019 Jacksonville Promise Scholarship Recipients

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About the Jacksonville Promise

Jacksonville PROMISE is a place-based scholarship program dedicated to ensuring every graduate in the geographical region who qualifies for college (and elects to attend a local college) gets financial support equal to a Pell grant. 


Here is the breakdown of scholarships awarded to date:

2016-2017  -  17 $2000 scholarships

2017-2018  -  19 $2000 scholarships

2018-2019  -  35 $2500 scholarships

2019-2020  -  29 $2500 scholarships

2020-2021  -  28 $3750 scholarships

2021-2022  -  41 $3750 scholarships

2022-2023  -  33 $3750 scholarships

Please contact us for a brochure that details the scholarship availability and process.

How can you help?

The program is sponsored fully by donors like you, and local organizations and businesses who believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities. You can donate by using the link at the top of this page or send a check to the address below. Thank you!

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our area business sponsors who believe in the benefits of the Jacksonville Promise

JREDC Jacksonville Illinois Promise Scholarship Program
Jacksonville Savings Bank Jacksonville Illinois Promise Scholarship Program
Farmers State Bank and Trust Jacksonville Illinois Promise Scholarship Program
Westown Ford Jacksonville Illinois Promise Scholarship Program
Contact Us Jacksonville Illinois Promise Scholarship Program

Contact Us

To mail a donation send to:

Jacksonville Promise

PO Box 334, Jacksonville, IL 62651

We would love for you to get involved! We grow through donations and accept volunteers for community service. Reach out to us! We welcome your support!

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